School Council

School Council meetings are twice a term starting at 6pm for approximately an hour and a half. Our schedule allows for nine parents to be on council for two years. The years are staggered so there are always experienced councillors to guide new members.

School Council performs an important governance role for the school. It is also a great way to get involved if you are working full time during the day but want to contribute and be involved in your child's schooling. Our current School Council President Erin Papadopoulos is always looking for other interested families to get involved and support the school. It is a requirement that School Council always maintains a greater number of parents involved than DET staff.

If all positions on Council are taken we have sub committees and other areas of the school where we can always use more support. Sub Committees make recommendations to school council on specific topics. We currently have three sub committees.

*Sub Finance
*Fundraising Committee

These committees all require a school council member but non school council members are able to be co-opted on to these sub-committees where appropriate. We will also update the website with School Council minutes to keep people informed.

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